We think that the best work happens when we slow down and listen. 


Life and work are busy.  And they seem to be getting busier. And faster.  More stimulation, more information, less downtime.  It's easy to end up in a permanent state of stress - not enough time, not enough money, not enough freedom. Just reacting to what's going on around you.

We think it doesn't have to be that way.  We believe that if we slow down, watch what's going on around us and and listen to our own needs, we can move ourselves out of the busy-ness and live life at our own pace.  Be still, be gentle, be happy.  Have all the time we need to do everything we want.

The Slow Coaches help individuals and organisations do just that.  To stop, really stop. Put everything down and just listen.  Listen to what's going on around you and what's inside you.  

And what we find, when we do that, when we take some time to listen and find clarity, is that everything becomes easier.  Focused action leading to positive results.  We have the answers inside us, we just need to hear them.  

And then everything we do is valuable and effective.

So slowing down is not about going slow.  It's about pace.  It's about knowing what to do, when, to be most effective and efficient.  It's not about the speed, it's about how you use it.



    How we help individuals

    Work 1-2-1 with experienced coaches, either for a one-off session getting clarity on who you are, what you want and what is in your way, or we can walk beside you on your journey, holding you in your highest and keeping you accountable.

    HOw we help organisations

    One-off workshops or a tailored programme supporting employee agency to get the best from every person in your organisation.  Developing individual and team leadership, enhancing employee wellbeing and enabling shared vision.

    our retreats
    & events

    Join us for an assisted solo retreat with our partner organisation The House & The Hill Mountain Retreat in the French Pyrenees or come along to one of our regular public workshops, events and talks in the UK. 


    "Anne was a great help...The impact has been enormous...I’ve taken a complete career change."

    BB, Slow Club Member 2016


    About The Team

    Sitting in the mountains on a bright and clear day sometime in June, my two friends and I chatted over a cup of hot coffee. We had spent the last six months together. Walking, talking, resting, enjoying good food and good company. Work took place. Things were achieved but there was no To-Do list and no goal other than to just be. Nothing was ever planned and nothing really happened but somehow magic was in every moment. 

    Together we had been on a journey where we had taken the time and space to slow down and just listen. To feel our way.

    We were talking about how to bring that natural way of being, of doing less but somehow having everything come together, to others. How could that be called Work? How could I turn that into my work?

    "Slowcoaching'" said Charlie. And we all smiled. Because it felt like that was what was happening anyway. What had always been happening. What we had always been doing.

    And then we thought, shouldn't it be this way for everyone?  Shouldn't we all have the freedom to choose what to do and when to do it?  So we started bringing this work into the world.  

    We do it in two ways.  People come to us to retreat: to stop, look and listen.  We also take the work directly into the busy places. Bringing a moment of peace to a hectic world, to remind everyone why they are doing what they are doing and to teach them how to do it in a positive, meaningful and productive way.

    Anne Burniston, Founder


    Anne Burniston has been coaching and mentoring Entrepreneurs, Corporate Employees and Individuals for over 20 years.  She is a former Corporate Board Level Director with a Masters in Psychology, a certified Goal Mapping Practitioner and has a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching. Find out more about her career on LinkedIn and life on her blog.


    Emma Wallace is a former defence consultant turned mountain renegade. She has been on deep retreat in the French Pyrenees since 2010. A highly connected visionary, natural communicator and a force of nature, Emma is a truth-telling surgeon of the soul and the founder of The House & The Hill Mountain Retreat.


    Charles Davies ... He is the creator of Very Clear Ideas.


    "There's no problem we can't solve if we walk for long enough."

    CD and AB in conversation @The House & The Hill 2016




    Brighton, UK
    mob: +44 (0)7850 330872


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