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"You took a lot of time to understand me, to explore my thinking...I feel like you are really listening to me."

SW, Individual Coaching Client - 2016


How we help individuals


Slow Club

Join our monthly online coaching programme.

Membership includes:

  • Membership of our private Facebook Group providing chat, content and support
  • Access to our learning portal with exclusive courses and content
  • Free eBooks

Coaching Sessions

A regular, trusted space for you to explore how to slow down, find out what you want and clear any blocks in your way to getting to where you want to go. 

  • Tune into your needs.
  • Determine your own timescale and rhythm.
  • Learn to open up to possibilities.
  • Find purpose and meaning in everything you do.

2 hours of private, confidential time every month dedicated to you and you alone.

Work face to face, by telephone or skype

Coaching sessions are with Anne.

Emma and Charles are available upon request.

Contact us for pricing info

One Off Sessions

You can book a one off session with us to get clear, stay focussed and be true.

Very Clear Ideas

Developed by Slow Coach Charles Davies, Very Clear Ideas is a simple and straightforward process to bring clarity to complex and woolly ideas.

To be clear on what you're doing, you need to know how ideas work. The Very Clear Ideas process provides a simple, repeatable, step-by-step approach to clarifying ideas: whether it's your purpose in life or the plan for your next holiday. 


Very Clear Ideas takes a half day to complete.  It's a face to face or over Skype session.

Very Clear Ideas sessions are with Charles or Anne.

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The Goal Work

Knowing what you want and staying true to achieving it in a busy world full of change and distraction can make all the difference to your journey.

Goal Mapping enables you to set intention at a sub-conscious level to guide you towards your goals regardless of what else is going on around you.

The Goal Work will teach you:

  • How what we tell our subconscious is what we manifest in the world
  • How to raise your awareness and listen to your true dreams and desires
  • How to identify your higher purpose
  • How to achieve life balance
  • How to set a timescale and determine actions to achieve your goals
  • How to identify those that will help you and who you need to be to achieve your dreams


The Goal Work takes a half-day or a full day for a more in-depth session.  It's a face-to-face session at a mutually convenient location.

Goal Work sessions are with Anne or Emma.

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The Cathartic Sessions

Cut through all the noise, the drama and the bullshit, so you can get to the heart and soul of the work.

Developed by Slow Coach Emma Wallace, The Cathartic Sessions is a way to honour the heart and soul of your work with the same level of deep questioning afforded to your spreadsheets and business plans.

Bringing your purpose-led work into the world is tricky business. It calls for something above and beyond the purely profit driven measures and markers of good business design and execution. Something deeper. You owe it to yourself, your customers and the planet to do your work well.

Let's see what sits at the heart of your work:

  • Your customers demand authenticity and transparency. They will feel and know instinctively whether your meaningful work is actually genuine and true.
  • Your work is going to be much harder if the work isn't really true. Being out of balance is exhausting.
  • Your chances of survival, sustainability, longevity and success are directly related to how integrated and aligned you are with your work in the world.


Dig deep and get it all off your chest. A Cathartic session is like heart surgery for your startup or project.

Not for the feint-hearted.

Sessions tend to take two hours but can be longer.

Cathartic Sessions are with Emma.

Sessions start at £450.